I have been drawing and painting all my life and gained an Art & Design Diploma at college before working as a portrait commission artist for 5 years.
    I switched from watercolours to oils last year and quickly developed my own signature style.
    This involves using a palette knife technique with oils that I have gradually honed over time. Each piece going through a process of layering and blending, resulting in a highly textured and contrasting finish. 
    My love of the natural world combined with an interest in the effects of light and shadows at different stages in time, bring the paintings to life-the emphasis always on exploring the boundaries of beauty, decay, nostalgia and neglect....To capture the essence and atmosphere of a place, from the haunting darkness of forgotten and crumbling buildings, to a wildflower meadow bursting with colour at sunset with inspiration often drawn from growing up in the Suffolk countryside where I still live.

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