Kelvin Bown specializes on artistic work in restoring historical images for artistic and culturally evocative presentations resides on the shifting, intersecting, and transfixing edges of human knowledge and art. He methodically and caringly brings back to life the memory of people, places, and ways of life which have begun to recede into the sands of time. His works illuminate past lives and views with clarity and passion. When applied to faded and damaged photos, Kelvin’s creative vision rebirths them through technological expertise and an artistic eye. He combines deep aesthetic sense with a masterful use of keen digital technique to evoke both the smallest details as well as overall harmony of a photograph's composition, sublimity and power. Given the wide variety of damages that photos and negatives survive over many decades and in their traverses long ago between continents, Kelvin treats each image with complete uniqueness, to allow, in whichever way he feels necessary, the subject to come alive again with clarity, detail, depth, and atmosphere.

    Some of his most impressive works include huge panoramic images of Jerusalem and Amman compiled from material from several conjoined negatives in which every last visible feature can be clearly seen. His last exhibition documents the diversity of religious co-existence at the turn of the last century in the area of the Holy Land.

    I attempt with my art to evoke feelings through the interactions and combinations of colors and liquid mediums which reflect those I am expressing at the time of creating my works. Each is a journey into the inner world which takes place during the timeless place which comes upon me while I am painting, and is guided alongside continual prayer and striving to bring the work into alignment with my deepest intentions. 
    My painting is a very personal process which at the time of creation is not aimed at an audience but rather as a prayer and in internal process unfolding with outward expression, in a similar way as improvising music as a heart-song which I feel comes more from the soul than from conceptuality and from the mind.
    I have formulated my style extensively through encouraging co-creations with others, especially children, from who I receive many inspirations and I love to paint with kids with an agreed focus of expression and as we create, there can an experience of sharing creative vision which is magical and unique in each case.

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