A skilled painter and artist, who specialises in uniquely Irish images and animal scenes, Kelly Hood has seen huge interest in her paintings from collectors and galleries.  Her super-realist black and white style has won her fans worldwide, with original paintings by the Dingle artist owned by The Cranberries, Tommy Tiernan and by Terry Wogan. 

    Kelly Hood grew up in Ardamore, Ballydavid, in Dingle, and spent every summer on her grandmother’s farm, helping to milk Daisy the cow.  Her West Kerry background has provided Kelly with much of her subject matter since she began painting.  As well as her beloved cows, Kerry has painted a variety of human images including men saving the hay, fishermen with their lobster pots, men bringing home the turf, fiddle playing, drinking, and old men engrossed in story-telling. The momentum of Dingle Horse Races, and Kelly’s varied imagery of animals, from noble horses to inquisitive cows, and other farm livestock, all demonstrate meticulous attention to detail. 

    Hood’s monochrome oil paintings uniquely capture the Irish nation and its traditions.  Kelly takes her own photographs as reference for her paintings, and typically uses a monochrome palette, working in oil and mixed media on linen canvas.  Her realistic and engaging images of animals, people, landscapes and nature come from layering thin glazes, made from water based oil paint and a zinc flake medium.  This gives the subtle blending that helps create a three-dimensional effect on the flat surface of the canvas.  The fact that Kelly’s paintings are regularly mistaken for photographs indicates the realism and attention-to-detail she achieves. 

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