I studied at Leicester De Montfort College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Textile Art and went onto complete a teaching qualification.
    I decided to leave my career working for an educational charity to explore my artistic ambitions and become a full time artist. I have shown work in many successful solo, group and open exhibitions. 
    I am passionate about my art, and love getting lost in the moment when painting and the creative release it gives me. I draw inspiration from dramatic cliffs and coastline which provide me with a rich source of material.
    My work is firmly rooted in the British landscape, an ideal base for my impressions of a variety of locations including beaches, lakes, busy harbours, wild rocky cliffs and mountainous ranges.
    My painting is constantly evolving, experimenting with different techniques, ultimately aiming to capture light and atmosphere, the power and beauty of all nature and its creations. My current series of work explores the glorious colour combinations in sunsets, experimenting with various cloud formations and reflection on water.

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