Born in London, England, Jonathan became infatuated with the sea after moving to the famous sailing town of Lymington on the country's south coast at the age of 14. Having studied photography and assisted various marine and travel photographers, Jonathan moved to the coast of south west France in 1998, and now lives close to the town of Biarritz, where the formidable Bay of Biscay, the Pyrenees Mountains and the mighty Atlantic swell provide a dramatic backdrop to his photographs. He also spends much of his time travelling to some of the best water locations in the world working in and around the ocean to create his trademark dramatic, ethereal images. Passionate about the sea and sailing boats, Jonathan attempts to perpetuate through his work the beauty and purity of our all too fragile environment and celebrate the stunning grace and architecture of classic sailing vessels. 

    Jonathan’s images are seen around the world in exhibitions, galleries, home decor stores, magazines and books, and form part of many fine art collections internationally. He also writes for many different photography magazines and talks and presents his work at photography and sailing events worldwide.

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