Born and living in Karlskoga Sweden, Jonas Arnell seeing and capturing the moment and the
    beauty of the landscapes thats surrounds us. Jonas is self-taught and has since the start had
    an eye for photography that has grown along the way.

    Jonas has also had a couple of Exhibitions and one of the two largest have been in Gothenburg and Arboga.

    Jonas own words:
    In photography, I have the advantage of bringing a sense, to bring harmony, the calm,
    the sense of how it might be at the place but also a kind of mysticism. When I photograph the landscape,
    I think among other, of how the sunlight falls to the further processing of my images there I also try to give
    the pictures a painterly feel.
    When you photograph you have see that people don't see,make the ordinary to extraordinary or just leave the ordinary for the ordinary.

    My passion is photography.

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