BA (hons) in 1979 Fine Art MA Fine Art in 1990. Art College teaching. Presently working for Nottinghamshire National Health Service in the United Kingdom. These Watercolours represent a new direction for me, all are dated within 2012. Prior to this my work primarily comprised working in 3 dimensions and to a larger size. The notion of making a watercolour of almost any subject provided it interests me is all very exciting and I enjoy the challenge.

    Essentially they are about nostalgia, a Britain of the 1950's and 1960's the images featured were very much part of the landscape and very familiar to myself whilst growing up. In addition I try to capture something of the light and atmosphere of this landscape.

    The works are all watercolours on 140 lb watercolour paper and are approximately 40 cm x 25 cm in landscape format.
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