Drawn to objects of stone, metal, glass and water, John’s work explores their texture, the energy they possess and the way they reflect upon themselves and on their surroundings. He captures and portrays how abandoned icons and one-time objects of desire move into a ‘second life’ of renewed visual appeal and interprets them in a fresh and contemporary manner.
    His ‘Reflections’ series explores what happens when you visually reflect these objects back on and within themselves, the results of which create stunning and truly unique visual art. Presenting the work on acrylic and aluminium emphasises the fusion of ‘old and new’.
    John has exhibited his work several times in group exhibitions at the Strand Gallery in central London, is represented by Sable & Ox, and sold work at the recent New Artist Fair in Shoreditch, London.  His work has been described as ‘a refreshing antidote to the rampant charge of disposable consumerism’.
    ‘The biggest challenge as photographic artist is to be able to distill the way an object makes you feel, into something that someone else can see’ – John Drennan

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