Jeremy Hammick was born in 1956 in West Dorset and apart from a few brief interludes, has lived there all his life. He studied illustration at the Bournemouth College of Art and fine art in Florence under Patrick Hamilton.

    After finishing his studies, he set out as an illustrator. However it quickly became apparent that this work was too restricting, and what Jeremy really wanted to do was simply to paint.

    Big views, the sky, and the magical, dramatic qualities of light are what inspire him. He paints on sight, returning to his studio to complete the work.

    He travels widely throughout the British Isles to paint, particularly the West Country and Scotland, in addition to his visits to Africa. In the last few years following the arrival of a family, he has turned his attention more and more to Dorset, often to be found charging up a hill to capture a particularly wonderful light or spectacular sky over a favourite view.

    Jeremy has exhibitions every other year in London as well as exhibiting regularly at other venues both locally and abroad.

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