Quote from the British artists:
    "The artist seems to have a unique talent that i envy, to paint people is not easy and to paint people that ooze feelings is nigh on impossible yet these people ooze life" 

    J P McLaughlin. Born in Rotten Row Glasgow when the west coast of Scotland still had an industrial base. this meant spending a childhood surrounded by people working in industry and that gives a very solid grounding for life. 

    HRH Prince Andrew
    the Artists and the RHF  
    I was invited to display the work for Prince Andrew at a presentation in Penicuick Town Hall from 2 Scots.

    This was a real honour to be invited to meet HRH Prince Andrew  and I was delighted by the response we had from everyone there.
    We have the deepest respect for those that have served in the armed forces
    and are still on active service.
    Quote from the editor of "British Artists"
    "The artist seems to have a unique talent that I envy, to paint people is not easy to paint people that ooze feelings is nigh on impossible and yet these people ooze life"
    John Barrowman
    John Barrowman with J P McLaughlin
    in J P's Studio
    We had an interesting guest in the studio when John Barrowman popped in for a visit and to look at some of the new art in the studio to see the art as it is produced.
    As always delighted to meet an art lover and John Barrowman certainly likes my work.
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