I am a self-taught artist and I am still learning. I use mainly acrylic, oil and recently glitter but I am also experimenting with other mediums (anything which creates texture and/or colour).

    I have been exhibiting and selling my work across the UK and some parts of Europe since 2004.

    I am French and left my native country in 2000. Before coming to England in 2002, I spent a year in Germany and a year in Ireland. Living abroad has opened my mind a lot and helped me to see the world from different perspectives.

    I mainly paint deserted landscapes so I can escape in a world where I can connect with the nature, alone, with a moment of quietness, reflexion and meditation.

    I try to use a similar approach to life when it comes to painting: a mixture of reflexion and spontaneity. A life based on pure spontaneity is chaotic, full of mistakes but at the same time very ecstatic and full of passion. So it`s good to keep a bit of both in order to have statbility. I have tried to paint with pure spontaneity but I had to do lots of correction as there was no harmony, no unity, no balance. However, I need to keep this "crazy moment" in some parts of my paintings to bring some emotion to the picture. I am still not sure if this "crazy moment" happens by surprise or if you are supposed to call for it. It is a precious moment which does not last for ever. It is a bit like "luck" in life. You have to grab it while it is there.

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