Iryna Griffith - British Artist

    Born in Ukraine, 1956.

    I studied graphic design at the College of Art and Design in Kiev.

    Over the years I had applied myself in various different areas of design: graphic, fashion and interior design, but painting has always been the passion of my life.

     Artist Statement: I shudder to think, therefore I am

    “Transformations” is my latest series of paintings, where I gave myself a task to present the idea that the condition of Matter is conceivable in which (though in itself a plastic substance) it might be held by the operation of will (Thought) in any particular forms desired and transformed from one form to another.

    One of the earliest discoveries we all make is the existing of Matter. The bruised shins of our childhood convince us of its solidity. So now comes the question: Why does matter exist? The answer is that if the Form were not expressed in solid substance, things would be perpetually flowing into each other so that no identity could be maintained for single moment.

    Form implies extension in space and limitation within certain boundaries. Thought implies neither. When, therefore, we think of Life as existing in any particularform we associate it with the idea of extension in space, so that an elephant may be said to consist of a vastly larger amount of living substance than a mouse.

    But if we think of Life as the fact of livingness, we do not associate it with any idea of extension, and we at once realize that the mouse is quite as much alive as the elephant, notwithstanding the difference in size. The important point of this for me is that if we can imagine anything as entirely devoid of the element of extension in space, it must be present in its entire totality everywhere — that is to say, at every point in space simultaneously - in Universal here and Everlasting now!

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