Hettie Pittman was born in Sussex in 1961. In the 1980’s she moved to Cornwall and began a long career in foster caring. Turning to painting as a hobby, inspired by the Cornish coastline and fishing villages, a hobby quickly became an all consuming passion. 
    After retiring from her caring career in the late 1990’s she returned to Sussex and turned her hobby into a full time career, working then as she does still, from her studio in West Sussex a stone’s throw from the beach.
    Completely self taught Hettie is inspired mainly by the sea and its ever changing mood, painting sea and landscapes in an alternating abstract and figurative/naive style, her passion for Cornwall never far away.
    Working in acrylic she mainly uses a palette knife to heavily layer the medium, using newspaper to strip it back and allow the artwork to take on its own shape. Her many influences are, amongst others, Joan Eardley, Kurt Jackson, Yankel Feather and Judy Buxton. 
    Her artwork is currently displayed throughout Sussex and London and is held in private collections worldwide.

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