was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne. She was inspired to pursue art by her father Jim who was a painter in watercolour. She gained a Degree in Fine Art from the University of Reading and has taught art for many years in schools and as part of continuing education for adults.
    Whist at Reading studying Fine Art her tutors included Terry Frost, Tom Barrett and visiting lecturers such as Anish Kapoor and Mali Morris. The influences for the students then were on qualities of colour, texture, space and abstraction in painting. With the legacy of the Cornish artists through Terry Frost and hints of Tachism, Constructivism and performance Art being explored, the art department at the University of Reading provided a lively and stimulating education. Although her paintings are representational, through her images of the land, seas and harbours she aims to create an energy through brushstrokes and colour application. 
    Hints of this now occur in her paintings. Although her paintings are representational. Through these images of the land, seas and harbours she aims to create an energy with brushstrokes and colour application, an influence from those early tutors. 
    Helen moved to Scotland almost twenty years ago and was immediately inspired by the open skies and expansive scenery. She works in watercolour, acrylic and oils, layering up the images, using expressive colour and dramatic textures. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries in Scotland and England. It can currently be seen in the Seagull Gallery in Gourock. 
    With the exciting purchase of a campervan she now intends to travel around Scotland continuing the Munro series and painting the magnificent scenery of the Highlands.


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