Graham Moved with his family to the Isle Mull in the inner Hebridies in January 2009, after living in the West Country for 15 years. His fathers side of the family are from Angus and Graham has many fond memories from holidays in Scotland.

    Graham has found great inspiration from the dramatic and varied landscape of Mull & aims to capture in his work the feeling he gets when he discovers something new. He is interested in the ever changing weather patterns and the effect this has on the landscape and man made objects.
    "So much of what you see is shaped by the weather, trees permanently arched back from the wind, a rusting tin roof washing away.... "
    He feels the vast untamed landscape has so much to offer.

    Graham's Cows 
    He started painting cows in 2004. Their inquisitive nature and varied characters interest him. A close encounter with an sniffing Jersey cow or a lonely Highland in the mist. He is now well known for his cows, which are always unique and sometimes amusing. The herd has sold at market all over the UK and internationally.

    Graham has had many solo exhibitions in Scotland including  Glagow, Edinburgh & on the Isle Mull
    Graham is a self taught artist

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