I was born in Gibraltar in 1960. My father was in the army so my family moved around the world until we finally settled in Northamptonshire when I was twelve.

    I have always had a vivid imagination and even from a young age I’ve found art fascinating. However, it wasn’t until I came to secondary school that I was given the encouragement from my art teacher to paint and draw in many different ways and to let my own style grow and develop, although in those days my work was very abstract. My art teacher encouraged me to go to Art College in London but I chose to start work instead.

    On leaving school I continued to paint in oil, but I was always experimenting with different materials such as glass. I had a few local exhibitions but also ventured to London with my work.

    In 1981 I began to paint landscapes for the first time. Initially these were mostly sunsets and silhouettes, but in time I began to paint pictures with more colours and many different subjects. I met my wife in 1982 and I even gave her photographs of my paintings to take home with her until our next date! Of course I made sure I was in one of the photos too!

    In late 1983 I sold my first painting to a recording company in Milton Keynes. This gave me the confidence to promote my work to a wider market. This was just the start. Over the next few years I sold about eight hundred originals to companies like MTV Europe, The Gap and also many private collectors, many of these being commissions which have helped to develop my unique style of painting.

    I have paintings in corporate and private collections in many countries in the world such as France, Germany, South Korea, USA, Denmark and the United Kingdom. 

    The landscapes I paint are mostly ones that I’ve created in my imagination. I like to make the pictures ‘busy’ so that each time someone looks at it they notice something else going on. I prefer bright vivid colours that grab people’s attention rather than drab and boring.

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