I studied painting at Camberwell School of Art, London (BA Hons) and Reading University (MFA) and have lived in West Dorset since 1987 where I draw inspiration from the drama of its steep hills and hidden valleys. I particularly like walking through this landscape in winter, when the bare bones of its structure are more evident, especially after snowfall, and I initially make small sketchbook studies as a way of understanding the interplay of shapes, lines and tonal masses. These studies are then transposed into abstracted paintings and drawings back in the studio, where memory and imagination are brought into play.

    I’m interested in the way that the land has been shaped by geological forces and ancient fossil forms which lie beneath the surface. I investigate the link between natural and man-made forms, inviting the viewer to take a journey along linear pathways, hedgerows and field boundaries, past dark copses, to the distant horizon. Having worked on several archaeological excavations as a student, I enjoy scraping back and scratching into the paint surface to reveal underlying layers from the painting’s earlier state, as a way of suggesting the passage of time.

    I am a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy Summer Show, the New English Art Club and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and my paintings are in private collections in Spain, Kuwait, India, and the USA as well as throughout the UK. My work is currently represented by Bath Contemporary Gallery, the Arthouse Gallery, Bournemouth, the Jerram Gallery, Sherborne and Quantum Contemporary Art, London.

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