She was born on 1978 in Haskovo, Bulgaria.
    She graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Turnovo ”St.St.Cyril and Methodius” in 2003. Up to the moment she has taken part in a number of common exhibitions throughout Bulgaria and abroad. 
    She has an active participation in the International Art Pleners “Rusalka” Bulgaria 2003-2010. 
    2006 - Participation in the International Art Plener in Arbanasi,Bulgaria
    2007 - Participation in the International Art Plener in Carlobag, Croatia
    Her pictures are a possession of connoisseurs in Bulgaria as well as abroad. 
    Independent exhibitions: 
    She opens her first independent exhibition in 2003 in her native town Haskovo, gallery Litzo, Bulgaria.
    2008 - together with Nikolai Ivanov, gallery Forum, Haskovo,Bulgaria 
    2009 - gallery"Asen and Ilia Peikovi", Sevlievo,BG 
    2010 - Bulgarian Culture Institute, Budapest, Hungary 
    2011 - gallery D`Art Latira, Hativa, Spain
    2012 - gallery "Minerva", Grand Hotel Sofia, BG 
    Participation in Common exhibitions: 
    2003-2006 Gallery Credo-Haskovo 
    2005 -Exhibition of the artists from Haskovo in the Parliament of Republic of Bulgaria 2007- Gallery Forum Haskovo
    2008- Exhibition of the artists from Haskovo in Smolian, Bulgaria 
    2008- Exhibition of artists from Haskovo, Spain, Enguera 
    2008- GalleryForum Haskovo 
    2009- Culture institute Sabandji,Odrin, Turkey 
    2009- gallery "Bogoridi",Burgas,Bulgaria 
    2010 - gallery "Forum", Haskovo,BG 
    2011- exhibition "Dream flower", gallery "Hadjistoianovi", National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria 
    2013 - "Mare Nostrum", Antwerpen, Belgium
    2012/2014-gallery Europe,Sofia,Bulgaria

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