George Antoni‘s artistic career began in painting and came back to the the canvas after a 30 year hiatus during which he was working in film, TV and theatre. This collusion of physicality and emotional expression comes to life in his abstract expressionist aesthetic, his playful use of geometric forms on a textured plane creating wonderfully vivid pictures that give a dramatic quality to each painting.
    Inspired by the coast of South East England Antoni draws from the sky, coastline and seascapes of the Atlantic, each picture straddling the line between chance and control, chaos and order, gesture and formality. The result is the pared down essence of East Sussex, a retreat to the basic structures of nature and, above all, an acknowledgement of its inherent beauty and grandeur. Here’s what Antoni has to say about his work:
    I rarely know where a painting comes from. It starts with a loose intention then evolves through generations until it takes on a life of its own. I want the painting to end with the idea rather than start with it. I like people to see different things in the finished work and the greater the number of interpretations the better.
    Antoni’s most successful paintings are his more vigorous ones, the pictures that have a sense of urgency, violence even, deconstruct their geometric formality and find their own space to breathe in. In particular those pictures that bring to mind an aerial photograph, a scratch in the landscape.

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