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    Garry was born in Minehead in 1980. From an early age he knew he wanted to be an artist. He studied and researched the history of art and that's when he came across the US artist Harvey Ball who created the smiley face in 1963, an image so simple yet so powerful, this made the biggest impression on his artistic journey. Garry spent his early artistic years creating images that would hopefully have the same impact but without the Smile as a visual cue. In 2004 the Luvimals was born, a collection of honest loveable heartfelt images that told a story that hopefully the viewer could relate to or escape into. Since 2004 Garry has exhibited around the U.K and as far as Hong Kong where he became the first English Artist to be directly signed by the biggest fine art publisher in Asia. Art links Asia. In 2009 saw the first solo exhibition in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Since The luvimals debut in Asia in 2009 Garry has now worked with fashion companies in New York and a cosmetic company from Hong Kong on the back of the success of his first sell out exhibition with both companies using the Luvimals to help sell their products. A Second Exhibition in 2012 in Hong Kong saw Garry's Luvimals take over an entire floor of a shopping mall with original works and life size 3d statues for visitors to touch and have photos with. Now in 2014 The Luvimals are taking the UK by storm with Galleries from his hometown in Minehead to London exhibiting these Vibrant heart felt images and at only 34 Garry certainly has a bright future in front of him and a bright future for the Luvimals.

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