Gail de Cordova

    Gail achieved a 1st class Hons degree in Fine Art from Exeter College of Art and Design in 1981. She currently lives in Cambridge and has exhibited widely in the UK, Spain and Sweden.

    'My work reflects a world of memory and dream. I am inspired by the natural world and how it touches us at a deeper level. I grew up in Cornwall - whose wild beauty is a strong influence as is the light and colour of Andalucia. My ancestors are from Cordoba, hence my name. I live and work in Cambridge where the ever-changing skies and flat watery strips of land are perfect for dreaming and reflecting.

    ‘I am passionate about painting, about the colours and textures of life. I work very intuitively building up layers of different materials, which include plaster, paper, pastels and both acrylic and oil paint. I attempt to get under the skin of a landscape or still life; to find its essence. The process is transformational and I really live each painting as I make it’.

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