About me
    - Born in Italy in Grugliasco in the province of Turin in 1963.

    As a boy photography was his passion. With many sacrifices he bought his first SLR in 1978, began photographing, developing and printing in his basement with an old enlarger Krokus.
    - Despite being a self-taught person is able to obtain good results always finishing among the top places in the various contests in which he participated.

    Then, as often happens to the boys, for reasons not well known abandons his passion devoted to a variety of other interests.

    - It' was only in 2012, passing in front of a window, exposed a Canon seeing the spark was rekindled. He does not think twice about it, acquires its Reflex and happy if he goes home.
    It was when you open the package that he realized how many years had passed since he had challenged a reflex, he found himself facing a whole new world had left him with the old Rollers film and finds himself now with the SD ...

    The impact has not been easy to overcome, meant having to start all over again and the desire to a certain age begins to fail. After a few months of doubts and misgivings dedicasi and decides to investigate this "new world" of digital photography.

    The results you can see them in the Gallery, Francesco Russo is also now a highly regarded photographer on the web, collaborates with many other professionals in various fields of photography and photographic Travel organises in various regions of Europe.

    In addition, many of his photos have been published by magazines in the industry, from Google "Google Earth" and "Google Maps".

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