My work is all about sensuality; my aim is to seduce the onlooker rather than challenge or shock. I try to convey that feeling one gets when totally absorbed in sensation and pleasure. In this age of conceptual art where the aim so often seems to be to cause controversy and disturb the viewer in the name of social comment and to provoke a reaction at all costs, I believe that art should be beautiful and pleasing - it should enrich our lives rather than provoke negative feelings like guilt, unease or even disgust. In a world ruled by modern art, this belief seems to make me something of a heretic.

    The human form is the only subject that really inspires me, I find it far more challenging and ultimately rewarding to paint than anything else. I love the shapes and lines a body makes and the glimpses of muscle and sinew just beneath the surface, the way it can balance and move with power and grace - our bodies are truly amazing. 

    My work was part of the "Art Undressed" exhibition which toured Miami, LA, Canada, Amsterdam, Berlin and London, and is published in the book "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today: Volume 2". The book and the tour feature winners from the "Art Undressed" erotic art competitions. My work is also on display at various galleries and shops around the UK.

    I recently moved to Brighton, a city I have admired for some time - it is wonderful finally to be living and working here.

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