Fintan Whelan was born in Dublin and has spent his adult life in Ireland, Spain and Germany (his current home) where he has developed his art on a concentrated path in abstracts, mostly on canvas, with oils, varnishes and pigments. He soon expanded to a variety of experimental surfaces to achieve highly conscious outcomes by pouring, tipping, tilting, to create his extraordinary landscape/human-like forms. 
    His abstract canvases are worlds eliciting a multitude of emotional and intellectual responses that we, as viewers, must resolve. Colours seem at times to barge into one another as if looking for a fight, swimming into sensation. Other paintings, blending into one another, are reminiscent of formations in the natural world.
    Fintan Whelan's paintings are characterised by an immediacy of process and a tense urgency of vision, the method of which he has mastered over several years. Despite the appearance of serendipity, Whelan controls his dynamic and intense process to expose as well as query shapes and colour and their interplay in space which we often take for granted.

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