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    Fidel Micó (b. January 24th, 1962, Havana, Cuba) is a contemporary Cuban painter and is regarded as one of the prominent figures of an artistic movement that includes more than 50 landscape painters whose excellent representation of the Cuban nature has formed the basis for the revival of landscape painting in Cuba after the 1980s. He has always lived in Cuba where he received the “Leopoldo Romañach” Award in 1974 five years before starting formal training at the Academy of Fine Art “San Alejandro”. After finishing military service in the Army, where he continues painting murals, Micó had to work in the oil industry, but he did never abandon the pictorial art. His paintings decorate many house of Havana since that time.

    Micó built a personal style in the 90s, by studying the Russian painter Ivan Shishkins and impressionists, and his artworks were accepted at Víctor Manuel Gallery (Havana, Cuba) by 1998, and in many artistic spaces from 1999. His paintings have been in national and international exhibitions. The Cuban galleries “HER-CAR”, “Casa Museo Hurón Azul”, “La Acacia”, “Víctor Manuel”, and “Génesis” have included his paintings in several exhibitions devoted to the Cuban landscape. Micó’s paintings can be found at the USA galleries “Jorge M Sori Fine Art” and “Cuba! Gallery of Fine Art”, and in private collection from Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, China, USA, Russia, Mexico, and El Salvador. Seven of these paintings have been sold at private silent auctions, as well as the “Humidor Montecristo” created by him. From 2006, the magazines Art Nexus and Art Circuits Newsletters have paid particular attention to his artworks which have been reproduced as a notable example of the excellence that is showing the contemporary Cuban art. Fidel Micó remains active artistically, intellectually, and professionally by painting, studying, and testing innovative pictorial pathways.

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