Fernando Velazquez was born in Seville, Spain in 1966. He moved to Los Angeles and later to San Francisco in 1994 to settle in London in 1999 and finally in Dorset. Largely self-taught, Fernando has worked for many years in his studio, producing a highly original body of work represented in his series “Paintings of the Floating World”, “Through the Veil” and recently “Cave Paintings of our Time”

    Since moving to Dorset, Fernando has had a succession of solo exhibitions in London, New York and Madrid and has been represented in a large number of mixed exhibitions. Fernando has also been involved in many art projects and commissions, including collaborations with ICE “The International Contemporary Ensemble” in New York, The Ormeley Dinner, The Ecology Trust and The Aspinall Foundation and “Tusk modern Art Auction” at the Bafta’s in London.

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