I am a photographic artist working with both digital and analogue technology. In my work I explore the themes of childhood, nature, time and memory. Primarily I produce abstract or imagined landscapes which probe the boundaries of physical and fictional space. 
    I enjoy exploring the interaction of depth, space and surface within photography and I do this using a technique of ‘layering’ multiple photographic images to create a single constructed, composite image. 
    Many of my images are an expression of an on-going personal process of revising and revisioning; of attempting to make sense of the past, present and future, so are in part autobiographical. In this sense, the 'layering' is an aesthetic effect, but also a medium for expressing the stratification of time. Photography plays a vital social role as an aide to history and memory, yet I feel it often falls short of capturing the truth of the personal experience of memory, which manifests itself in snatches, or moments which are fleeting, confused, blurred and non-linear. 
    I am a phenomenologist at heart, ever fascinated by the everyday world around me; a constant source of inspiration. For me, relishing the experience of being is at the heart of being a photographer.

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