I am currently studying a BA in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art, and prior to this, had studied Architecture for a year at the Manchester School of Architecture.
    My work is strongly centred around certain structural forms and shapes, natural or not. It is about looking at the work/subject close up- look at it as though it were an abstract, focus on the details the patterns and the geometric forms. Some have a mechanical quality and even when looking precise and ordered, also display a rough childlike tendency. Looking into experimentation, I will have a preconceived idea of what I want but often I will not know the outcome of each painting, allowing a sense of spontaneity and randomness. Shape and form are important, but the use of colour is also paramount. I like to look closely at colour and its characterful nature- colour in many ways represents the individual. Finally it is about the life of the work, I’d like to think artwork can be lyrical and have rhythm, this is what I want to set out to achieve.

    I’d say I was an abstract figurative painter who takes inspiration from the human form and the broader natural landscape.

    Private Collections in UK, Greece and USA
    University of Manchester, School of Arts Languages and Cultures

    Salon des Refusés 2014, London.
    MadLabs Group Exhibition, Manchester, 2014.
    ( Marzia Frozen Gallery, Berlin, Fall/Winter 2013).
    Threadneedle Prize for Painting and Sculpture 2013 - Shortlisted.
    Weston Park Graduate Exhibition 2013.
    Radcliffe and Newlands London Open Art Exhibition 2012.
    Manchester Art Group Exhibition 2012.

    Included artist for arTbridge (agency), Cork Street, Mayfair, London
    Member of the Stockport Art Guild

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