Ella Prakash explains the meaning behind her series: “When you start painting you always will have a base idea of what your finished work should be, but more importantly allow yourself to prepare as many as alterations of your base idea. Simply because once your mind has decided to steer your thoughts, you start to unravel emotions and strokes that you never thought you could express”. In regards to her colorful compositions she mentions:” My spirit is mirrored in my work. I believe that every work of art must carry a message.”With her current abstract series, Ella Prakash challenges herself to unlearn the pattern of control she seeks in representation; thus, reinventing the language of anatomy, chiaroscuro, and storytelling. Ella Prakash's paintings are distinctive for their bold brush strokes and vibrant colors.
    Art, for me, has been a way to expressing my perception, dreams and aspirations about women. In early years women’s’ roles have varied in the society for period of time. I tend to focus on the topic of discriminations and double standards faced within the walls of her society. I have always visually managed to incorporate all the elements of this topic and create an impact in sincere positivity. I work in a very limited palette of colours. I change my palette depending on a series of work; lately I've been working on a series of seamless cubic patterns with underlying various perspectives of women within transparent layers to capture her distinctive personality.

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