I appeared into this life on the Sub-tropical Island of Bermuda in the Summer of ‘86. Since then, as is usually the case, life has been extremely eventful. Lucky enough to come from a very creative family, that side of things has always been very prevalent from an early age. At the age of 17 painting really became a full time vocation and from that point I have been involved in a number of events and exhibitions over the years. I've always been interested in the realm of the imagination and the magical side of the world which we have have been obscuring with the ongoing current severance with the natural world. In my own small way I’m trying to address this with depictions of star speckled mountains, rivers and oceans often with a rather peculiar character named the Umbrella Man flying above such places. He is also the main character in a children’s book I wrote and illustrated, the next one is currently underway. It would seem from the reaction to him from those who see the paintings that many of us would also love to fly in an upturned umbrella above a moonlit world so completely free, I certainly would anyway. Thank you for looking and safe onward travels.

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