Douglas Roulston, originally from Glasgow, studied at Duncan of Jordanstone and achieved a MFA in Fine Art. He has taken the myths and legends of the Scottish Highlands and portrayed them with oil on canvas and expressive charcoal drawings. His passion for landscape has derived from his enthusiasm and love for outdoor sports such as skiing, mountain biking and hill walking.  

    The Scottish landscape inspired Douglas to study 19th century Romantic artists who first started to capture the picturesque scenery of places such as Glencoe and Loch Katrine. He has painted using his imagination and likes to capture the intensity of the Highlands and the power that it has over humanity. This is highlighted by over exaggerating rock faces and creating piercing light rays through breaking clouds, reflection and the tranquility of distant springs and lochs. Mankind or any human creations rarely feature in his work. It is the awe of nature, and the spirit of the sublime that is explored throughout his work.

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