Dereck A Mushoka is a renowned artist based in Zimbabwe.Born in 1972 in Mvurwi and began drawing seriously after high school. Encouragement came from parents, friends local established artists and gallery owners.
    Whilst in the struggleto promote his art, he worked on several farms. In 1998, he commited himself to the challenging life of a full time artist and had partispated in several art exhibitions in Zimbabwe. Some of his early workes grace the walls as far afield as South Africa, Mally, USA, Canada and Great Britain.
    During the art exhibition organised by the Hillock arts foundation, the artist donated the original painting of the Victoria Falls to Dr M Shojakhani, Head of the the Islamic republic of Iran culture in Zimbabwe who officially opened the show.
    His wildlife art is strongly influenced by the art of world prominent wildlife artists such as Larry Norton and the late British artist Simon Combes. The self taught artist is classified among the world's best artists and is longing to sell his art more extensivelly in the UK and USA.

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