Dennis Minty's path, from his island roots in Newfoundland, Canada to his current career as an international wildlife/landscape photographer and eco-tour leader, has been anything but direct. Educated as a wildlife biologist, his first professional job was as the designer/manager of a nature education and wildlife rehabilitation centre. He worked for about 30 years as an environmental educator in Newfoundland/Labrador, Africa, the Seychelles, and the Caribbean. He has authored seven educational and photographic books, tried his hand at dairy farming and even worked as a polar bear guide in Churchill, Manitoba. About his varied career he says, “I think that everything we do in life can help shape our vision, ethics, skills and commitments. All of these are ingredients of image-making.”

    It wasn’t until age 50 that Dennis decided to make photography his primary means of making a living and he hasn’t looked back since. He strives to make his work quiet, contemplative, evocative and filled with light. “My goal in creating an image is, not simply to document, but to inspire an emotional response in the viewer that might echo what I feel when I am making the image. I think that outstanding photography should communicate through the eye to the heart and bring new awareness and respect for our amazing world.”

    His work in both environmental education and photography has been recognized and honoured in a number of ways. Most recently his photographic work was selected to help represent Canada at Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

    While Dennis has traveled widely, the two places that inspire him most are his home Newfoundland/Labrador and the Arctic. “After a lifetime of shooting in Newfoundland/Labrador, I am still enchanted by its visual richness. Meanwhile the Arctic is a more recent, mysterious and powerful lure where I’m humbled by the awesome, empty landscape.”

    Dennis has worked as a naturalist and photographer in the Arctic, Newfoundland, Antarctica, New Zealand, the Galapagos and Scotland. He believes that travel provides the best education there is. On being a tour leader he says, “It's impossible to become indifferent to nature's spectacles when you share it with others of like passion. Sometimes the silence is deafening. It is always humbling.”

    Dennis now makes his home in Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland, where he and his wife own and operate The Human Nature Company.

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