Davy Macdonald is an Edinburgh-based artist specialising in portraits and figurative paintings. His latest collection of work “Aspects of Edinburgh”, takes his painting in a new direction.
    This new series of paintings combines historic landmarks (such as Edinburgh Castle, the Scott Monument and the Forth Rail Bridge) with a figurative narrative at the forefront. By combining portraiture with these famous Edinburgh sights Macdonald provides a contemporary story in a series of paintings set against these iconic monuments. 
    “Aspects of Edinburgh” takes a vibrant and contemporary approach for the most part, however his paintings of the Forth Rail Bridge and Cramond Island defences are given a 1940's wartime setting which continues his previous heritage series work as depicted in his Harris Tweed, Herring Lassies and Absinthe Diaries work. 
    In “Aspects of Edinburgh”, vibrant colour, iconic imagery and his trademark portraiture come together in some of his finest work to date.
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