David Richter is an internationally acclaimed landscape and nature photographer based in Germany. Growing up in a remote area in the heart of the Ore Mountains and in proximity to endless forests and wide mountain ranges; David's focus has always been nature, whether it's snowy mountains, where he enjoys snowshoeing and crosscountry skiing; or the deep forests with small creeks flowing over moss-covered rocks.

    Having been fortunate to travel extensively to see the best of the US and Europe, visiting many awe-inspiring places such as ancient Anazasi ruins, the grand vistas of Yosemite National Park, lush rainforsts and raging waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest, picturesque fishing villages on the Italian Riviera and the untouched beauty of the Pyrenees; David thrives to capture the light at its best and provide emotion-evoking images that speak boldly to the viewer.

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