I liked that a boy, known recently wrote about me on his blog.
    I find a lot of me in his words so I decided to use it to present myself.

    Here are his words:
    "Who is David? If you asked me, I would say the father of a friend of my son's school. Then if I'd stop to think about who is more than this, proseguirei saying he is a lover of photography. A tourist photographer, one who travels to capture those cities, beaches Fuerteventura, England, Norway or simply Trieste. A dreamer, a Peter Pan, an essential listener.
    One with the low cost ticket in your pocket, your next destination? In November, the Isle of Skye
    When at home, on Sunday morning you wake up at 5 to go alone or with friends, taking pictures the rise of the light in Camaldoli's forest. If you can go the day before, at the going down of the light mounts his tent, hiding behind his camera which interposes continuously for long periods between him and the rest of the world. "
    Beyond this are a semi-professional photographer Tuscan that takes care of a little: interiors, events, portraits, travel reportage.
    I am very motivated and determined to find new outlets for my photography.

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