Originally from South Yorkshire, I studied Business Management in Cardiff and Fine Art in Sheffield. The Snowdonia village of Rhyd-Ddu was my home from 1985 until 2004 and where I learned the Welsh language and developed a close affinity with life in Wales. I have run and walked most of the mountains and hills here and though my landscape paintings and drawings rarely relate to one recognisable place, they endeavour to express certain essential dramatic and lyrical qualities of the North Wales environment.

    A full-time painter since 2000 and I have held solo exhibitions in numerous North Wales venues and have been involved in mixed exhibitions in Sheffield, Glasgow and London. I am a regular exhibitor at Art Fairs - Manchester, Sheffield, Chelsea, Windsor, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Reading and am currently exhibiting at the Clock Tower Galllery in Sheffield.

    It is said that my work is vigorous and energetic; certainly my response to the environment has been both physical and emotional and maybe this comes across. My current influences are the landscape of Clwyd, and the urban environment of Chester, Manchester and Sheffield. Recent work reflects my interest in 'family history' – hence a series of 'figure-scapes', searching for the rhythm of land and figure. This theme of 'rhythm and gesture in relation to British romanticism' was central to my M.A. Fine Art studies, which I completed in summer 2011.

    David Brightmore , Dip.B.A.,Dip.A.D., M.A. February 2013

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