I began training as an architect, at the previously named Department of Architecture, Hammersmith College of Art and Building, for two years before I realised my wish to study sculpture.  This I did first at Sutton Coldfield School of Art and then at Winchester School of Art.  Following this I taught at both Southampton and Winchester Schools of Art.

    In the early 1980's I became involved in the making of documentary films, my major contribution being to, ''Shackleton ...end of an era'' which was televised in 1984.  In spite of enjoying the process and all the various activities involved in making films,  ultimately it did not provide me with the same fulfillment as my work as an artist.  I felt unable to continue to give the commitment and dedication which each activity requires so I had to make a choice.  Since then I have lived and worked in South Cambridgeshire  and also spend a good deal of time visiting family on Anglesey.  Without fail the sights of the coastal  and mountain landscape  bring an exciting and striking contrast to the landscapes of East Anglia.  My sculptural ideas are usually derived from the study of organic form.  Inspiration for the figures, heads, animals and birds is found everywhere.  I have exhibited my work in East Anglia, London, Italy, Germany and South Africa.

    An interview concerning my work and ideas was published in the periodical, ''Cambridgeshire Life'' entitled ''Drawing on Experience'', a summary  of which, under the title of ''The Power of Charcoal'' can be read on my website www.davidaitchison.com.  This article will be of interest to those who would like to know more about my way of working and views on art.

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