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    I am an artist whose focus is on a person’s style both external and internal. Inspired by the ancient philosophers such as Plato and Socrates as well as modern thinkers such as Oscar Wilde, Quentin Crisp and Einstein my artistic search remains in the pursuit of sincerity and soul. To find the inner thought processes both intellectual and emotional behind a person or image and to re-express them upon canvas.

    Working predominantly with the nude male form I have searched to show more than the strength of the body. Like the artist Caravaggio I seek to show more than the muscled form of a man, more than the hunger gather, more than just the Y chromosome. I wish to show the humanity of man. The identity in all its shapes and forms.

    Working through a variety of mediums including Oil, acrylic, ink, paper, leaves, blood and ash I seek to discover new and interesting ways to give my paintings movement even in its stillness.

    Shortlised for the Saatchi Showdown 2011 Drawing Prize and the Outside in 2012 National Art Prize my work has exhibited at the Curious Duke Gallery London 2011, Kraak Gallery 2011, Cloud Gallery Chester 2012, The Manchester Art Fair 2012, Pallant House Gallery 2012. 

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