I paint and draw since I can think.
    I love to paint oil colours because they are smooth and I can paint in several coatings. So there is a three dimensional effect in my paintings. 
    I love colours to express the positive attitude to my live. I believe that there is all the time a door open when I believe it. There is no sense to see the negative things in live because all the people around me has also negative things in there live. 

    In 2004 I had my first exhibition in a dentists practice in Zurich Switzerland. There were many more following.
    In 2012 I had my first exhibition in London and in 2013 my first one in NYC.
    2014 I had a exhibition at the Bulgari Hotel in London and one in Portugal at the Eurostar Hotel Las Vetras in Lisbon.
    I was also at the power of Perception in New York City organised through the Power of Perception.

    In 2006 I began to paint oil colour on velvet. I like to play with the structure from the velvet. There is a special effect on the painting with velvet. 
    There were people telling me to paint abstract things than I would have the better chance to sell it. But I love to paint animals, to bring there soul and character on the canvas or velvet, to give them live that when you pass the painting you are just thinking: "ups, this animal has it moved?“
    Also the landscapes and citiescapes have to live, I want really not to copy only fotos but that the peoble can smell the woods or the salt water of the sea, hear the sound of the birds and the hoofs galopping over the floor. Then I reached my goal.

    I reach my goal when the painting is more vivid than the fotos, when the people stand there, look at and forget the time.
    I was not in an art school, maybe that was the chance to have my own style. I don’t like to copy other artist, I have my own style.

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