Born in Strasbourg in 1965. 
    Graduated from National High School of Fine Arts, Paris France (École Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts /ENSBA) in oilpainting and drawing (Étudiante Diplomée). 
    Attendant studies in History of Art and  Philosophy. PhD in 1989.  Working as a freelance artist painter since the late 90's.
    Numerous exhibitions in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, Romania, Israel, USA, Uruguay, Kenia und South Korea. Her works are included in many important international private and public collections  (Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, USA and Qatar). International art award for painting: 18. International Art-Expo Korea 2011 (Seoul). 
    The artist presently lives and works in Cologne, Germany. 

    Representative of contemporary figurative painting. Stylistic movements and influences by Urban Art Art and Neo-Retro; in recent times increased tendencies to Luminarism.

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