As a local Hampshire artist, living in Hedge End, near Southampton (England) I have experimented with oil and watercolour painting, on and off, for 30 years. My interest in art has developed since my school days. Constantly following a desire to create and to express my perceptions of what I enjoy looking at, hopefully for the enjoyment of others. Continuing to try new subjects and ideas in meeting the challenge of interpreting what I see and imagine. Although I particularly like landscapes, seascapes and portraits, and often drawn to these for inspiration. Various periods of art education, either at Adult evening classes, college courses or art design workshops has taught me the use of various mediums and materials. In the main I enjoy working in oils and pastels, as I like using bright strong colours. These two mediums allow me to blend colours together as I work, and the capacity to overlay colours. I also paint in watercolours, use mixed media, and draw in ink, pastel, and charcoal to name but a few mediums.  

    As a mature student, I graduated in 1998 with a BA Hons Degree in Visual Communications, which opened up a new perspective for my art, in the exploration of computer aided design, this then influenced my perceptions of what is right in front of you, developing my thirst even more to attempt different styles and methods.  I’ve exhibited my paintings in two-three local art exhibitions annually, and received acclamations of Judges’ Choice and local Mayor’s Choice in show.

    I hope you like and enjoy my art.

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