Chloe Jowett welcomes you to her views of the Orkney landscape, with its layers of rock, sea and sky in the Northern Isles where she has her home. Her images aim to portray the universal appeal that's there for anyone seeking the essence of a wild yet serene environment.

    Chloe studied at Stourbridge Art College before going to Edinburgh College of Art at 18 where she obtained a diploma working under Robin Philipson. This was followed by a four-year postgraduate scholarship in picture restoration with Hornsey College (in conjunction with the National Gallery under Helmut Ruhemann). She was then invited to Venice with the Art and Archive Rescue Fund to help set up a restoration unit after the floods. Subsequently she lived, taught and painted in East Anglia for many years before coming to make her permanent home in Orkney in the 1990s. She shows regularly in exhibitions and her work is represented in the Orkney Islands Council collection.

    Chloe says "The appeal of Orkney for an artist lies in its many underlying layers of meaning in terms of history and geological time. With landscape I have always been interested in structure, by which I mean not the conventional view of a place, but rather the fundamental formation of a landscape. In this I feel a strong influence from the British artists of the 1940s, which in Orkney combines with the components of the landscape - rocks, sky, sea, fenced fields and moorland - that have caught my attention. I explore the possibilities of reassembling these in ways true to its moods and glowing colours. The 'Grecian light' of the north still often makes me catch my breath."

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