‘The Caribbean culture, community, people and rural setting from my youth have a strong influence on my work along side with my love of movement, colour and vibrancy of Africa’. 
- Carol John 

    Jamaican artist Carol John was born in Kingston; spending her early years with her grandmother 'Muma' in the countryside of St Ann’s. Like many other children of her time, she relocated to the United Kingdom in the mid 1960's to join her parents after they went ahead to create a new life for their family of six. Here she has remained with husband Loyson and her four children, residing firstly in London then in Nottinghamshire.
 In Secondary school Carol began to draw. It came so easy to her that she didn't think her work to be anything special. It was her art teacher compliment on her "natural ability for art" that made up Carol’s mind to pursue art after high school.

    Studying at Reading Art College was detrimental to not only deepening her love but grow in confidence in her work. After studying she was employed by a London based printers where she took the role as an assistant and illustrator. 1985 and the settling stage had come - Carol with four children didn't in the next decade or so spent little time to develop a profile for her work; but she still continued to paint and sculptor keeping the passion for art alive.

    And so today she uses the vivid and creative, the movement and passion from her life experiences to bring a unique vibrant feel to art. Working on surfaces such as canvas, glass and ceramics gives her the ability to transfer her creations onto as many media's as possible. Carol is now a book illustrator and has exhibited in various Galleries in London and the north of England.

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