Originally from central California having spent her formative years on the beach and in the ocean, Camille Youngquist draws her inspiration from surfing and her various travels to exotic locales in search of waves and adventure.  After spending nearly a decade in the cold, shark infested waters of Seaside, Oregon it was time for a change! She currently resides in Los Cabos, Mexico where she draws much of her inspiration from the colorful, vibrant Mexican culture and the miles of unspoiled golden sand beaches with perfect right hand point breaks. She received her formal education at Sierra Nevada College and earned a B.A. with a minor in Fine Art. Typically working in acrylics, she has also dabbled with water color and oil painting but prefers the spontaneity that acrylics allow.
    Camille likes to paint seascapes with pristine waves, attempting to capture the elusive and ever-changing essence of the ocean. Working in bright colors and depicting mysterious sceneries, she wants to keep her audience guessing. She also has a penchant for painting the exotic, whether it's a bird, flower, animal or mysterious woman.  She prefers to work in a bold and expressionistic palette.
    Camille has had numerous exhibitions and commission pieces and success selling her art work internationally. Her artwork is constantly evolving and revealing different facets of her imagination. She hopes to expand her surf travels and experiences in the near future, to some new exotic locale where she can create more captivating and compelling images of unblemished, ideal waves, seascapes and alluring images of the unfamiliar

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