Born in Fife in 1952, Brian Petrie trained in Graphic design at Napier College in Edinburgh before joining DC Thomson in Dundee as a magazine designer.

    In 1995 he left to pursue a freelance career as an artist and cartoonist, creating “The Sporran Legion” for the Scottish Sun where he now supplies a daily topical cartoon.

    The very nature of the topical cartoon means it’s a tea time to supper time shift so from breakfast onwards it’s up to the elbows in paint.

    Brian likes to add humour and a touch of quirkiness into his paintings and his love of folk music sessions often shows up in his harbour and coastal paintings. Working in acrylics over a black background allows the cartoon line to show through in most of his work. Living so close to the roar of the sea, especially in winter, also gives him the inspiration to escape from the quirky for a while and recreate that roar on canvas.

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