From 1980 to 1986 I was rebuilding with my husband an traditional Sailing boat. We lived on it for 7 years and sailed with it all the coasts of Europe.
    When we arived the coast of Portugal we decided to stay there for a while, we sold the boat, bought old houses, renovated them and lived in Portugal for 13 years.
    During this time I met a lot of painter and I took lessons. Painting started to become a meditation for me. A day without painting is not a really good day.
    Back in Bremerhaven/Schiffdorf I opened an Atelier and 2004 I started to give painting lessons for kids and adults.
    Since 2009 I had exhibitions in Germany and Europe and USA
    In Germany :          Berlin, Mannheim, Osnabrück, Oldenburg, Hamburg, 
                                    Bremen, Stade, Bremerhaven, and Beverstedt.
    In Europe:              Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Netherland, Austria.
    I am a member of:  Artistorganisation “Die Arche” Beverstedt
                                     Artistgroup „Paradox“ Art Exchange
                                     TIA  Trevisan International Art
    2012 I got the Juryprice from Galeria de Marchi in Bologna/Italy

    Emotions, spontaneity, generosity
    Baerbel Ricklefs-Bahr is a painter who deliberately takes risks in her art. She does not plan in advance, but instead relies on spontaneity.This artist requires a certain amount of freedom, generosity, and limitlessness to reach her expectations of art. She wants to shape with colours, and bring contrasts into harmony.

    Without pressure, she follows her intuition.  She works informally, not letting herself get boxed in by rules of style. Her art develops out of the process of painting.

    A piece begun as abstract painting may eventually form objects and lead to a theme. She does not wish to restrict the viewer. Instead, she wants to trigger emotions through the colours that are at the foundation of her paintings, through the shapes one might discover, and through exciting, diverse textures. The viewer will find their own access if they engage in the experience.



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