Arild Heitmann, 35, is a well established landscape photographer based in the small town of Evenskjer. Large portions of his childhood was spent in the woods and the mountains chasing large trouts. In 2007 he started bringing the camera on the these trips and this was the start of a growing career as a naturephotographer. Arilds images are published in many large international magazines. In 2012 he was chosen by Canon to provide images for their corporate calendar. In 2012 he came 2nd in Astronomy photographer of the Year with a breathtaking image of the aurora borealis. His images can be found in numerous calendars and last year he delivered more than half of the images found in the amazing book "Aurora Borealis".
    Arild are well known for his dedication when it comes to composing shots of the northern lights. He is considered one of the greatest auroraphotographers in the world today. 
    Arilds greatest passion is capturing the wild mountains in arctic Norway. His dramatic images are striking and his audience is growing fast. He runs a gallery in Evenskjer where his images can be enjoyed up close.

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