Arev Mosoyan was born and lives in Armenia. She began painting in 2011. Largely self-taught, she initially attended tutored workshops and progressed by experimental work in her home studio to develop expertise and her individual style. She struggles with the difficulties of workshop alone, constantly looking for new solutions. Over the years she has gained experience, which greatly affects her work. Finding that the unique versatility of oil pastels, which are ideal for experimentation and a range of different techniques, suits her painting style. Arev now works with pastels and her main techniques are oil pastels which she uses with her fingers, slushing the pigment over the paper. 
    She paints from imagination and the sources of her inspiration are love, passion, mystery and a fantastic universe with her balance between good and evil and also our life with  paranoia and beauty She alternates between them depending on her mood and inspiration of the moment.

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