My work is influenced by Native American Spirituality and the Living Circle. In the circle all life is in balance and humanity learns to live with one another in peace. Life in the circle is harmonious. 

    I work in oil paint or acrylic. I use organic shapes to connect forms within the painting. Sometimes the sky reaches to the earth or a distant mountain shape moves into a tree. All these movements reflect the circle. I enjoy painting sunsets and color is very important to me. 

    My work  has appeared across the United States and Europe. An Art member of the prestigious Copley Society in Boston, MA, I had a solo show there using the theme of the Living Circle. Last year I wrote an I book called the CIRCLE OF LIFE which is available on ITunes. Presently, I am working on a new book which will be a combination of drawings and poetry which will be a message of peace and about my spiritual journey. 

    I am represented in New York by The Ashok Jain Gallery and In Boston, MA. by The Copley Society. I exhibit with Vivid Art Network which believes all artists can come together to make a difference in human rights. My work has appeared in many magazines.

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